I'm one of those who remembers she has a livejournal account every once in a while.  It seems a little slow here but it's always nice to make contact with like-minded folks.  I know I've been a member for ages but I'm not sure I've commented yet, so here's a quick intro. 

Name:  Trish Deneen

Age:  42
Gender:  Female
Pagan Religion:  Eclectic witch with Christo-Pagan elements
Nationality:  American
Party affiliation (if any):  I like aspects of the Libertarian and Republican platforms but don't agree completely with either.
Moderate or Conservative:  Yes.
What is your most important issue:  Saving our economy and getting people to wake up to the threat of Islamization (I grew up near Dearbornistan, so to me it's a real issue).

Glad to meet you all.  Feel free to friend me here or on Facebook.  I'm at FB more but sometimes I may start posting more here.

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Wow.  I cannot believe it has been so long since anybody has posted, considering all of the political events that have gone on in the past few months.  

This happened while I was on vacation and keeping in touch with the world via the "Facebook News Network" or FNN.  While I am happy to hear he is deceased, I do believe that Al Queda had someone in his proverbial shoes for a long time.  Even so, it made a lot of people happy and Obama look good.  

As we all know now, Moammar Gadhafi is dead.  To many, this comes after a summer of middle east protests and unrest.  While I generally thing this is great, I only hope that they have a contingency government planned in place.  Also, I can't stop thinking about what my coworker said: "With all of the civil unrest here, and in the world, is the US next?"  Gotta wonder.

I will ask you this: what are your opinions on Occupy Wall Street?  

Mainly I am posting this to see if anyone on this community is still active on LJ.  But I highly encourage your opinions...
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A Shibboleth Dethroned?

A Crime Theory Demolished
If poverty is the root cause of lawlessness, why did crime rates fall when joblessness increased?
By Heather MacDonald

The recession of 2008-09 has undercut one of the most destructive social theories that came out of the 1960s: the idea that the root cause of crime lies in income inequality and social injustice. As the economy started shedding jobs in 2008, criminologists and pundits predicted that crime would shoot up, since poverty, as the "root causes" theory holds, begets criminals. Instead, the opposite happened. Over seven million lost jobs later, crime has plummeted to its lowest level since the early 1960s. The consequences of this drop for how we think about social order are significant.

— Read the rest of the article here
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How You Can Make A Difference

Interesting article with a surprising conclusion how we as individuals (regardless of political affiliation) can make a difference in the current economic mess and circumvent the government/big business (pick your favorite villian).

Move Your Money: A New Year's Resolution
an excerpt:
..."We talked about the outrage of big, bailed-out banks turning around and spending millions of dollars on lobbying to gut or kill financial reform -- including "too big to fail" legislation and regulation of the derivatives that played such a huge part in the meltdown. And as we contrasted that with the efforts of local banks to show that you can both be profitable and have a positive impact on the community, an idea took hold: why don't we take our money out of these big banks and put them into community banks? And what, we asked ourselves, would happen if lots of people around America decided to do the same thing? Our money has been used to make the system worse -- what if we used it to make the system better?"

Where's your money? Are you contributing to the problem?

War with Fox News?

I happened to see a few news articles on the supposed war between the Obama administration and the Fox news network.  Until now, I thought this was a joke - I could not imagine George Bush trying to "wage war" with any news station.  Then I read this on my friend's Facebook site:

The first link was from Fox News itself and the second one is from the National Post, since I did want to be fair to President Obama's side of the story. Any opinions on this whole thing?