Simoriah (simoriah) wrote in nonliberalpagan,

Wow.  I cannot believe it has been so long since anybody has posted, considering all of the political events that have gone on in the past few months.  

This happened while I was on vacation and keeping in touch with the world via the "Facebook News Network" or FNN.  While I am happy to hear he is deceased, I do believe that Al Queda had someone in his proverbial shoes for a long time.  Even so, it made a lot of people happy and Obama look good.  

As we all know now, Moammar Gadhafi is dead.  To many, this comes after a summer of middle east protests and unrest.  While I generally thing this is great, I only hope that they have a contingency government planned in place.  Also, I can't stop thinking about what my coworker said: "With all of the civil unrest here, and in the world, is the US next?"  Gotta wonder.

I will ask you this: what are your opinions on Occupy Wall Street?  

Mainly I am posting this to see if anyone on this community is still active on LJ.  But I highly encourage your opinions...
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