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For Conservative and Moderate Pagans
8th-Oct-2009 07:43 am
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Is there any way to heighten the power of my subconscious mind to get what I want? I am still a bit wary from the last time... which was emotionally and psychologically exhausting, but I would like to try again. I have been conducting a lot of tarot readings recently, and I think - as 3catmagic as said earlier - another one might be in order.

8th-Oct-2009 01:38 pm (UTC) - What do you mean?
At the risk of sounding like a killjoy, I find little use for prayer or the "power of the subconscious mind" to get what I want. I work for it.

My relationship with the Gods is like any other relationship. I try to give more than I ask for. I give offerings as thanks for what I have received, and try to ask for only things of very great importance or for other people.

What's the old axiom? "Don't ask the Gods to smile on you, because someday they might"? I always keep this in mind.
8th-Oct-2009 03:09 pm (UTC)
As a general rule, I don't read for myself. It never tells me anything I don't already know (life would be better if you'd get off your tail and do X)and it tends to beat me over the head with it.
8th-Oct-2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
I find "prayer" in the form of possitive aphorisms works for me. When I tell myself:

I will be on my best behavior. I won't project any negativity nor will I perceive it.

I find I'm at my best and do my best. It speaks to my subconcious and gives me confidence. And it keeps me from reacting to imagined slights.

You might try something like that. If you tell yourself that every day, it becomes automatic.
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