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For Conservative and Moderate Pagans
So someone is taking this seriously??? 
11th-Oct-2009 10:21 pm
welcome back Carter
I was subscribed to the mailing list for Senator Bernie Sanders. Then I got this:
President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the non-Western world and stress diplomacy. Americans should be proud that we have a president who is restoring respect for our country around the globe. This well-deserved prize is an inspiration for the president and for rest of us to do some really hard thinking about how we create a more peaceful and just world – including our role in Afghanistan. We are now in our ninth year in Afghanistan – twice as long as were engaged in World War II. We have lost more than 800 troops. We have spent more than $200 billion. What do we hope to accomplish in Afghanistan? What is our exit strategy? What is the best way of protecting the American people from al-Qaeda and from terrorist threats? What is the most effective way of opposing the Taliban, an extremely reactionary group? How do we relate to the government in Afghanistan which is widely believed to be corrupt? How does the situation in Afghanistan relate to Pakistan – a nation with nuclear weapons? These are a few of the questions that have to be dealt with before we continue pouring more troops and money into Afghanistan. The time is now for a real national discussion about Afghanistan – including real debate in Congress. It is long overdue.
Then linky linky to http://aiss.enews.senate.gov/t/77184/2816991/2225/0/

What the hell? "Well deserved prize"? So what did The Messiah do during his first 12 days in office, when He was nominated for it, that was so important? I find it unbelievable that Senator Sanders can pretend that the Nobel Peace Prize, which is supposed to be an award for extraordinary work towards the cause of peace, is anything but a left-wing popularity contest these days. Does he really believe this?
4th-Apr-2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
I understand why some people think it wasn't stupid to give him the prize. Mainly his hypnosis-speeches before he was elected, and anything related to it. In addition, because he is giving out a bunch of money to human beings and not JUST corporations - well, okay, just to corporations but human beings are the ones h9olding the green pieces of paper in the latter case. If he owned that money and actually WAS giving it to human beings, that would be one factor in a reason to be given a "peace prize".

Of note: One of the candidates for a 2010 peace prize is: "The Internet". (Regardless of the first note of stupidity in that, this would have made a hell of a lot more sense in oh, say... 2004. Before Anonymous.)
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