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For Conservative and Moderate Pagans
War with Fox News? 
18th-Oct-2009 10:24 pm

I happened to see a few news articles on the supposed war between the Obama administration and the Fox news network.  Until now, I thought this was a joke - I could not imagine George Bush trying to "wage war" with any news station.  Then I read this on my friend's Facebook site:



The first link was from Fox News itself and the second one is from the National Post, since I did want to be fair to President Obama's side of the story. Any opinions on this whole thing?
27th-Oct-2009 04:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Fox "News"
Valid point: Staying truly 'up to speed' is at least time consuming, and for many difficult.

But if we (the world) want to have or support meaningful opinions, then prospecting for real facts, and the whole truth, is what must be done.

Personally I wish I were better at it. I must admit that adopting a cyinical approach (which is arguably just the other side of gulible) has become my modus operandi.
28th-Oct-2009 04:13 am (UTC) - Re: Fox "News"
I would rather be cynical and untrusting rather than gullible. Saves people money.
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