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So someone is taking this seriously???

I was subscribed to the mailing list for Senator Bernie Sanders. Then I got this:
President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the non-Western world and stress diplomacy. Americans should be proud that we have a president who is restoring respect for our country around the globe. This well-deserved prize is an inspiration for the president and for rest of us to do some really hard thinking about how we create a more peaceful and just world – including our role in Afghanistan. Collapse )
Then linky linky to http://aiss.enews.senate.gov/t/77184/2816991/2225/0/

What the hell? "Well deserved prize"? So what did The Messiah do during his first 12 days in office, when He was nominated for it, that was so important? I find it unbelievable that Senator Sanders can pretend that the Nobel Peace Prize, which is supposed to be an award for extraordinary work towards the cause of peace, is anything but a left-wing popularity contest these days. Does he really believe this?

Glenn Beck Boycott?

I was at my job today sorting out customer complaints and something caught my eye.  2 people called in today stating that they wanted our company to stop running ads during Glenn Beck's show.  That he is a racist.  That he and all of FOX NEWS is sending our country into a Nazi hell.  Normally that stuff just makes me laugh; the way I see it, how did they customer know he was a racist bigot unless they watched his show?  But it was weird to me that 2 people called in, one after another.  So, I found out a bit of information about it:



The first link was the actual video referenced in the boycott.  The second one is a link to explain the controversy and the boycott.
I don't know if I agree with Glenn Beck i general, as I don't have cable tv so I don't watch FOX news unless I am over my parents house (forced viewing).  What bothers me is that Al Franken can publish a book about "Lying Liars" and Keith Olbermann can spew leftist hatred all he wants and nobody boycotts them.  Ever.  Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist and supposedly, 20 sponsers stop running their ads on his shows.  So, when did freedom of speech become a freedom for only the left wing?  This makes me so mad.  The worst part is, trying to explain this to anyone else (but on here) and people at my job thought I was a racist myself. 

Did anyone else hear about this so-called controversy?  The only thing it did was boost Glen Becks ratings, and the sponsers who said they pulled out actually never played ads there to begin with.  It just gets me so mad that people forget freedom of speech is a right for ALL..... 

An American Carol

I am in the middle of watching "An American Carol".  So far, a hilarious movie.  Anyone else watch it?  I posted here about it since it is a "right-wing" politically charged comedy.  While the movie is fake, the issues in the movie are very real: the ACLU, the necessity 

Also, whether I like it or not, Michael Moore seems to influence a lot of democratic politics, in a negative fashion (the movie makes fun of his life's work).  Also welcome are any thoughts on Michael Moore himself.  While I think he has got great intentions,  I personally think he went too far in some of his movies.

I apologize in advance for anyone who thinks this post is OT; but the main character in the movie (in real life) is a force in American politics, whether we like it or not. 


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military equipment

As I was heading to work this morning, I had to stop for a train. This train was carrying tanks, jeeps, and two or three Red Cross vehicles. In all my years of living here, I have never seen anything like it. Is there anything happening militarily? I think I heard we are going to increase our troop strength in Afganistan.

Republican Leadership Council

As a point of reference: http://www.republican-leadership.com/

I am liking what I read about the Republican Leadership Council but I have only read a few internet sites.  The idea of it, according to the website, is this (from their website):

"RLC-PAC's vision is a Republican Party that is unified by the basic tenets of fiscal responsibility and personal freedom, but that allows for diverse opinions on social issues by its members."  In other words, it was a reaction from the "neo-conversative" Christians who now make up alot of a Republican party.  Not that I personally care what religion a politician has, but a lot of people like to use their religion as an excuse for narrow-minded decisions (Christians are NOT the only religion to do this, I am not saying that at all.)

This seems to be in line with my way of thinking, as I am fiscally conservative and social liberal (do what you want but don't make me pay for it.)  But I understand that different people have different ways of thinking.  Is anyone else involved with this organization? Had any experiences with this organzation?  Please let me know, especially any critisims of this organization (about the way it is run, the people in it, etc).  

Oh, and Happy August Feast/Lughnasa to all!


more mud being slung at Sarah

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I love how the "independent investigator" (who of course remains nameless and cannot be verified) says Sarah "may have" committed ethics violations. Sounds like something Obama would sa; after all, wasn't he the one who spouted the meaningless, impossible-to-validate words, "save or create 4 million jobs?"

The Left is really frightened of Sarah and is afraid of what she will accomplish once she gets out from under all this ridiculous legal B.S.

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