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For Conservative and Moderate Pagans
7th-Jul-2009 07:29 am - King, Palin, Handel
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Democrats have started their funds to unseat NY Rep Peter King:

We need to donate to King's campaign and prove to the Democrats we won't have them bully us. We can donate to the Peter King campaign here:

Other groups and candidates to donate for:

http://www.sarahpac.com/ - Sarah Palin's PAC. She is going to use it to spread conservative values and help get conservatives elected. Now that she will no longer be governor, she is going to dedicate her time to her PAC. She needs all the support she can get!

http://www.karenhandel.com/ - she is a conservative woman running for Governor of Georgia.
15th-May-2009 08:51 am - Obama for Dumbies
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aoecean_glyvxx originally posted this on anti_obama, and I want to share it with everyone

16th-Apr-2009 08:14 pm - As expected,
The Liberal media is doing what they can to down-play the impact of the Tea Parties held yesterday. We went to the one in St. Paul and it was very well attended -- numbers estimated as ranging between 8,000 and 10,000. I could not really tell a number; all I know is it was very well attended and crowded. The news cameras were all there, and a news helicopter hovered over the crowd for quite some time. The entire crowd turned to wave at them. I think the Liberal media is mostly ticked off because there were so many Democrats at the parties. Many Dems are sick of all this irresponsible spending and fat government as well and came out to say so (bless 'em).

I am really not bothered by the Liberal media deliberately ignoring or down-playing this event. Why am I not bothered? Because even if the general media did not pay much attention, the politicians did. They are very concerned about numbers and the general mood of their constituents. I see this first hand; I work for a politician, and believe me, numbers matter. You had better believe they have received information on how many were at the rallies, and what the general mood and message was. The smart ones will catch on to the fact that they had better shape up or they could be out of a job in 2010.

It is not that I am expecting perfection to take over in 2010; I do believe, however, that if we can dump a bunch of the spenders out and vote new reps in, then at least a message will be sent that We The People are in charge here. They work for us.

So, yes, I enjoy this a great deal, watching the Liberal media tripping all over itself to lie, ignore, and convince itself that Mainstream America is not involved in this. I think of them all as a bunch of journalists and broadcasters sitting on the floor holding their fingers in their ears and saying, "la la la la." Grin -- Mainstream America is very much involved. The politicians know it now if they did not know the day before yesterday, and they are wondering how to handle it.

Watch the tone of the speeches they will give coming up. I will bet that you will find that Congressional reps (outside the absolute die-hard Liberals) will be changing their tunes to try and align more closely with regular Americans who are just fed up. They want to keep their jobs. We decide whether they are worthy of those jobs.
13th-Apr-2009 09:42 am - Reminder about Tax Day Tea Parties
If you can attend, please do. Here is the website again: http://taxdayteaparty.com/.

Look at the "Choose a State" section toward the right side and click on your state to find locations and times of events. I noticed that for my state of Minnesota, there are a lot of locations participating. I am sure it is that way for many other states as well, so you might have a lot of options.

For those planning to attend in St. Paul, I have read that the Sears parking is all booked up, so you will want to plan on other parking or transit options.

Added April 13: Well, methinks we got a few of 'em running scared. Tonight a commentator on MSNBC went into a rant about the Tea Parties that will be popping up all over this Wednesday (he was trying to negate their importance and roll his eyes at Conservatives). Fortunately, there was film footage accompanying his blather -- footage of people protesting higher taxes and the pork. I was busy reading the signs being carried by protesting citizens and just naturally stopped paying attention to what the commentator was saying, which is what I am sure many other viewers did. It was great.

Free and widespread publicity. Thanks MSNBC!
13th-Apr-2009 12:32 am - There Are Four Types of Capitalism

I see alot of libertarians, and people claiming to be this, that, and the other. So I’m going break it down for you. I’m going to show you the types, their strengths, their weaknesses, and my opinion. Read carefuly. As I don’t tolerate trolls who don’t read the damn thread.

MARKET LED CAPITALISM: (Wholly the united states, or atleast use to be)
Primarily private markets
Insistence on well defined property rights
Entrepeneurship is celebrated
Quick, radical innovation. Especially in the field of technology.
Creative destruction of old markets.
Majority of jobs are sedentary/little physical labor resulting in comfort for the masses.
Deeply adaptive financial market.
Very flexible labor markets.

Highly politicized, causing some to turn away and try more anti-market ideologies.
Highly selective nature of social benefits.
Underinvestment in public infrastructure.
Increasing social inequialities.
Poor education, healthcare, and public safety systems.

Corporate Capitalism: (China’s a great example, America may soon be this)
Dominate by large conglomerate firms resulting in little buisness failures.
Mobility of competent workers, managers, etc do to more incentive to work harder.
Good education, health systems, and social cohesions through job benefits.
Interdependence. Every single worker is invaluable because there’s only one or two big companies besides them who’d be glad to use them against big company A. People are more loyal to their line of work, because they feel like it’s a unit, rather then simply a paycheck.

Presence of large corporations styfels innovation and creativity. There’s no incentive to move because there’s no competititon to make them.
Though shocks are rare, does not adjust well at all when there ARE market shocks.
Rationing of jobs and services causes some to go without. More authoritarian control is eminent.
Is dependent on public spending infusions.

Social-Democratic Capitalism: (What the randroids keep talking about)
Negotiated compromises between all groups. Employer, worker, etc. Resulting in little to no coercion of power or service.
Export-led, quality market. Responsive to change, highly adaptable, and has many growth spurts.

Children, the elderly, the disabled, and the enviorment suffer the most.
Little to no public sector results in large class gaps that cause many people to do jobs they’d rather not do, but technicaly it’s consentual.
The "me first" attitude is so enriched that it hampers innovation in the global market with new technology. People work just hard enough for themself.

State-Led Capitalism: (What is commonly known as communism, and where America might be headed)
Good where private markets fail. Such as transportation, healthcare, education, basic research and development.
Highly predictable economic evolution resulting in little downturns.
No need for active bargaining among interest groups. (The state does it)

Nationalization ussualy creates inefficient products and services because they lack competitive edge. It’s not like you can take your buisness somewhere else.
Constant preassure to create demand via public spending resulting in inflation.
High degree of state institulization makes it vunerible to shocks. What if people just stop buying something?
Ultimately a system people will rebel against. Being overly controled socialy and fiscaly being told what they can and cannot buy, how they can buy it, how much they can buy, etc. The working class may distrust entrepeneurs, but they distrust beurocrats even more!

Where America is headed is either going to become a corporate or state run capitalism. We use to be a market-leg, and that’s why we were the envy of the world. Libertarians laseiz-faire shit is just completely unrealiable and impractical.. Where our future lies depends on just how much of a socialist Obama actually is. Will we ultimately be at the mercy of trans-national corporations? If so, libertarians may atleast somewhat get their wish. You best be prepared for patriotism to come in a new form. You’ve seen how people get over sports. Immagine if Pepsi owned The Red Socks or something. Now immagine entire states were basically Pepsi consumers. This is a very likely future. And if you support the wrong company. You’re liable to breakup with your spouse, get beaten to a pulp, or maybe even arrested. The confederate states will return and there will be Pepsi states, Wal-Mart states, and Microsoft states.

Then the other alternative is we actually do become communists, we just won’t use the word communist because it has such a negative condontation. We’ll use words like "state influenced capitalism", "fair markets", "free but regulated". "State run free markets". At the end of the day it’s all the same crap. One big ass monopoly. Where if you get fired, you’re pretty much fucked. Oh sure, you might still get covered as most state run capitalisms tend to have indiscriminate social programs. But if you have a family to feed they’re pretty much fucked more then you. This is why the left supports the de-centralization of religion, family values, and population control. So they can run state run capitalisms without the fear of it crashing down on their heads. That’s the only reason. Babies can’t work, babies can’t vote, babies can’t buy shit. Therefore they need to die.

Now I do hold the theory that procreating might be GOOD for the economy. That is to say in the longrun. As more kids equals more potential buyers, more potential workers, more potential creators, more potential EVERYTHING! Which is good for growth, innovation, and healthy competition. But I’m thinking like a real market-led conservative. As obviously it’s the exact opposite of how a state-led capitalist would think, a social-democratic capitalist would simply want a more quick and easy route to success and advertise abortion clinics like a used care salesman, and a corporatist would only think that way if there was some evidence that they were loyal consumers of their company’s products. Otheriwse they’d be sabatoging and compelling them to get abortions all the same. Probably even opening up their own clinics and making them really cheap as to kill off their opponent’s offspring.

I might be a single issue voter. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how the world works... Ending abortion won’t be easy. There’s alot of greedy, stupid, and downright evil people out there. It’s going to take alot more then some good idea, loudass arguments, and religious unions to stop the flow of child genocide. There’s alot of profit to be made in it. And it doesn’t matter what system of governing you live under. They will oppress and kill those who can’t defend themselves. Always. Especially when they can make money out of it. And there is ALWAYS money to be made in ANYTHING if you look hard enough!

This is why I don’t support a totally free market. As if the market was completely free. Yeah, abortion would probably reduce because birth control would be widely avaliable. And I’m ok with birth control. But there will always be people out there who will get an abortion anyway. Because they’re supersticious, because they’re lazy and the clinic is closeby, because there was a sale, because because because! Maybe they just like the thought of killing babies. And especially is "laseiz-faire" capitalism, that would be A-OK!

Technological advancement alone cannot end abortions. Nor can simply regulating and subverting peoples lives. You need a healthy medium of innovation and regulation. I can’t say I’m a social conservative. Besides abortion I don’t really care WHAT you do.. But I see how conservatives come to their conclusions of regulating people’s personal lives and how it can actually be GOOD for the economy..

Case in point drugs. If drugs were succesfuly regulated instead of halfass with this war on drugs. People would be more competent workers. You ever seen a drug addict employee? They come to work fuckedup, and only keep their job cause the boss feels sorry for them. That can’t last forever... They are a cancerous tumor on the body of an evolving marketplace. So what? We’re going to bar all use of drugs so people can’t be bad workers? Ofcourse not. But I can see why the state would confiscate drugs, and maybe sell them for medical reasons, but keep a firm eye on the flow and level of narcotics in the country. This is ofcourse if you believe the market is a vaccuum. The lolbertarians generally believe if you fuckup, someone more willing and less fuckedup is willing to take your place and the market will recover. I’m not that optimistic.

Ironicaly, the leftists of the forum I originaly wrote this on were estatic over this. They did not think I of all people would be the one to post in detail that just because you don't support laseiz-faire, doesn't make you a communist...
I placed a new bumper sticker in my rear car window today. It says, "I'll Keep My Freedom; You Keep the Change." I love it.

I was driving home from the Congressman's office today and noticed a lady in a gold sedan behind me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see she moved her car right next to mine. I looked over at her, and she was grinning from ear to ear and waving a wild "thumbs up."

A girl I volunteer with has a bumper sticker that reads, "Honk if you don't pay enough TAXES." I love that one too. She says she always gets a response, sometimes good, and sometimes people are just confused because they don't understand current events and issues.

I sincerely believe that even a humble bumper sticker can make a difference. The messages sit right in front of the people behind us at stop lights and in traffic. They have to read them; no one ignores a bumper sticker that is at eye level. So in a small way, a message has gone out to them, a message that they either have to approve of, think about, or try to ignore. In any case, it makes an impact. I cannot recall a time when I got no response at all. Usually I notice a lively conversation start up between the people in the car behind me. I smile.

This is a pretty mild way to share an opinion without facing confrontation. I have heard before from Conservatives who are very nervous about putting one on their vehicle. I wish that were not the case because if more of us did it, then the general population would be more aware that there are actually more of "us" out there than they thought and that theirs is not the only opinion in America.
For April 15: The Tax Day Tea Party information can be found at this website -- http://taxdayteaparty.com/ or you can look on The912Project.com as well.

For those in MN, event will be held at 4 PM at the State Capitol. They are working on getting parking and possible shuttles arranged. You can subscribe to the Tax Day Tea Party website to get more information emailed to you.

This is going on nationwide. Please attend in your locale if you can.


Remember -- the best and easiest way to make a difference is to SHOW UP. You cannot be seen, heard, or counted if you are not there. And numbers matter, folks. They cannot keep ignoring us if our VISIBLE numbers keep growing.
1st-Apr-2009 08:33 am - 500?
Does anyone else have an issue with the fact that Pres. Obama took 500 staffers to Europe with him courtesy of the American taxpayer?
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